Abkant Twist
The advanced technology CNC press brake sheet metal bending line with a capacity of 400 tons can meet all your press bending needs with angle adjustable ± 0.1 millimeter precision.

– All Metal Sheets – up to 15 millimeters thick and 13 meters long

Fiber Laser
Our high-tech 4 kW fiber laser machine can meet all your single-piece metal sheet productions up to 12 m long and 2 m wide quickly, error-free, with minimum waste and economically. In addition, we can meet all your laser cutting needs such as machine spare parts manufacturing, visual advertising design materials, architectural design applications, facade design applications.

– DKP and Black Sheet – up to 20 millimeters thick, 12 meters long and 2 meters wide
– Stainless Steel and Aluminum – 10 mm millimeter thick, up to 12 meters long and 2 meters wide

Trapezoidal Sheet
Our trapezoidal sheet metal line can produce high capacity and precision in desired dimensions.

– Made of galvanized sheet, painted galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet and painted aluminum sheet
– Up to 1.0 millimeter thick and 15 meters long
– 27/200, 35/333 and in sine form
– Useful width of 800 and 1,000 millimeters

Metal Standing Seam Roof Systems
Our metal seam coating line can produce high capacity and precision in desired sizes and thicknesses.

– Made of painted aluminum sheet, zinc sheet, titanium-zinc sheet, copper sheet and galvanized steel sheet

Guillotine Cut
Guillotine cutting lines can meet all your sheet metal cutting needs with angle adjustment and ± 0.1 mm precision.

– All Metal Sheets – up to 12 millimeters thick and 4 meters long

Rain Gutter Systems
– Seamless gutter system and accessories made of fixed cross-section painted galvanized sheet
– Bent gutters and accessories made of galvanized sheet metal in the desired thickness with a special cross-section for the projecta