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Company Introduction Film

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When Choosing a Corporate Company Promotional Film Shooting Company, What Should We Consider the Prices?
Corporate Promotional Film Shooting is very important for your Corporate Company Promotions. We shoot 4K and full HD aerial shots for your factory shooting. Professional and high-quality promotional film shooting among Istanbul companies is only effective if the product shooting is done with a professional team and is done in 4K video resolution. As Euromedya, in your search for a company, our scriptwriters first create a special script and workflow for your company image and brand films. Then, your shootings are carried out with a professional video shooting team of approximately 6-7 people, including a visual director, cameramen, jimmy jeeb and our aerial shooting operator. These raw images are converted into short, medium and long-length promotional films with a professional editing team according to the workflow. Your logos, writings in different languages, optional Turkish and English promotional films are delivered to you in the format you want with professional voice-over and appropriate music. We manage the corporate promotional film shooting in accordance with your brand's corporate identity standards, and in order to be integrated with your corporate promotions such as other web design and software, professional photography, catalog design, Euromedya promotion team provides you with professional support. If professional voice-over in Turkish and English is added to the hospital promotional film shooting, effective promotions are made. Promotional Film Prices vary according to the equipment you will use in the shooting, the use of jimmy jeeb, and the request for voice-over. We take our place as one of the best shooting companies in the sector with our economical prices and free aerial shootings. We also provide professional support for your university, college, etc. school promotional video shootings. Some of our dozens of promotional film references are presented below for your liking. Wouldn't you like to look at the Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Promotional Film shooting example as examples of municipality promotional films?

Tekirdağ Büyükşehir Belediyesi promotional movie

Mesan Factory promotional movie

İnan Plastik Çorlu Factory promotional movie

Öztek Tekstil Tekirdağ Factory promotional movie

Özen Makina Çatalca Factory promotional movie

Camglass Esenyurt Factory promotional movie

Özer Çelik Silivri Factory promotional movie 

Dirikanlar Otomotiv Beylikdüzü Factory promotional movie

Arken Jeneratör Factory promotional movie

Spectra Askeri Tekstil Çorlu

Aksadan Promotional Movie

Özköseoğlu Factory promotional movie

Öztek Stampa Factory promotional movie

Demirci Makina Ankara Factory promotional movie

Çorlu Orsan Otomotiv Factory promotional movie

Çorlu Kont Aluminyum Factory promotional movie

Company Promotional Film and Aerial Shooting Full HD and 4K Aerial Shooting, Drone Shooting

Uğurlu Pişmaniye Company Promotional Film and Aerial Shooting 

Eksport Teknik Hırdavat Çayırova Dilovası Promotional  movie

Prometa Tekirdağ Muratlı Factory promotional movie

Bilkim Group (İngilizce) Factory promotional movie

Anadolu Kimya (Turkish) Factory promotional movie

Haksever Tekstil İstanbul Factory promotional movie

Satmak Tuzla Factory promotional movie

Mega Metal Kayseri Factory promotional movie

Fashion, Textile Catalog Video Shooting Image Brand Promotional Film

Fashion, Textile Catalog, Production Video Promotional Film Shooting


Efectis Era Factory Promotional Movie

4K 360 Degree Promotional Film Shooting Gebze 

4K 360 Degree Promotional Film Shooting Silivri 

4K 360 Degree Promotional Film Shooting Özköseoğlu

4K 360 Degree Promotional Film Shooting Dilovası Duraline