What is web software, what does it do?

10 Mayıs 2019 - 09:54
Today, the importance of Internet is increasing day by day and as a result the importance of software languages ​​is becoming more apparent. Software processes, in contrast to the design, are done in the background, so we are wondering how to do it. If you are browsing an Internet site and wondering what the background is, continue reading. What the visitor sees You open the browser on the website; The design of the site, the logo and seeing all of the contents are part of the visit. What the visitor didn't see It starts right here. The real secret hero software is actually the brain of the site. The problem is that the site is working smoothly, and the monitoring process is easy to implement. Once the Internet is widely used, it can be brought to the user's screen with the help of various protocols. Because the user did not need to enter any information during this period, the sites seemed simple and simple. Later, however, e-commerce, banking systems were set up, and site owners were required to securely convey information to users. At this stage, web software entered our lives.