Promotional Film Prices

07 Mayıs 2019 - 15:02
Because every customer and every requirement is different, it is difficult to break all the costs associated with creating a video, but below is an example of what you need to create a brief introductory video (2-5 minutes) for your business. and the prices vary according to the equipment and scenario used. Before Production This is the most important part of the production process, achieves the right to planning and replaces everything. During the pre-production planning, everything is decided, for example, who is in the film, having a scenario, what are the positions, and what are the scenes that should definitely be? The editing and calendar of at least one video will be created and the content can be listed in a short meeting or phone call. However, if more detailed planning is required, such as coding, storyboard, casting, ground scouting and installations, this will cost you. Equipment In most business introductions, we'll film your staff instead of using players and scripts, so only the camera will need sound and some lighting. Of course, like any technology, there are a number of cameras that can choose from anyone else with many different price tags. If you want your video to be shot at 4K and resemble something you see in the cinema, we'll have to hire an expert kit and a lot of light. But you won't need most of the video requirements. Team Again, depending on the type of video, the crew list may be large, without being lured into lighting operators, boom straps. Everything will depend on this idea. Most jobs will need only one director / camera operator with sound and will add additional camera and audio when needed. Fiction The editing process can be more complex than most people think, and usually takes 3 to 4 times as long as it is filmed. Thus, there is a possibility of organizing three or four days for one-day shots. If we were well planned, the arrangement would be easier and take less time. This includes everything from editing to audio shuffling, color grading to simple graphics, and any form of delivery you want. It also includes changes that you may want to make after seeing the first segment.