Templates and Custom Websites

10 Mayıs 2019 - 11:00
Have you decided to proceed by investing in a new website for your business? After you decide to continue, one question remains web Do I use a custom website or a template for my website? Which way best suits my business? What are the differences? USAGE OF READYSTABLES The most common way to create a website is to set up a WordPress site and apply a template purchased from ThemeForest, Template Monster or Elegant Themes. These websites offer a wide range of different website templates that can be purchased. All the themes outside are not 100% responsive. There are also services like Wix or Squarespace that allow you to organize a website and also provide a theme. They can help you get a website pretty quickly and easily. However, there are limitations on options that can be used for more complex features, such as forms or e-commerce functions. One thing to keep in mind is that the templates and themes normally have built-in features so they can have more customization by the user, but ultimately the website load rate and In terms of SEO performance, it falls down. It is very likely that you have to endure the features, designs and functions that are not suitable for your brand or business. You can work with a web development company to fix this, but this will probably reduce your expectations because it won't be written in the same code format, and even if the developer corrects the site to your liking bek When an update for Wordpress or this theme itself comes up, your website will make an older customization done by a developer. due to some display problems. USE OF SPECIAL SOFTWARE Custom software websites include a team behind your business. It starts with a creative process to understand who your audience is, who you want to reach, how you want / want to work on the website, and how you want to look at the internet. The ASO plays a big role in the success of any website. There are rules to follow when creating a site, and not all themes are obliged to comply with these rules. Therefore, specially created websites are far superior, so that the developer can optimize the site during creation to allow Google and other search engines to read each page to give the end user a more relevant search result, so that special sites can be created. Naturally, you can get a better ranking in search engine like google. Customized websites may take longer than themes. The reason for this is that everything is built and covered according to a particular business. It saves time in the long run, when it's built from the ground, it's much easier to customize your site to make it exactly what you want. Special designs ensure that your site is responsive on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and browsers.