Mobile Compatible Sites and Mobile Compatible Web Sites Differences

10 Mayıs 2019 - 10:05
Today, it is extremely important to make your website mobile compatible with technology at our fingertips. However, let's take a look at the comparison of the differences and similarities between Mobile-compatible and Non-mobile-compatible Designs. MOBILE COMPATIBLE DESIGN Mobile Compatible Web Design responds to changes in browser size by storing different items based on the browser's size. This is done using what we call media queries, and this can be set to answer or stack items when specific media queries are hit. For example, if you open a responsive website and change the size of the browser window, you'll see the content that dynamically re-adjusts to fit those pixel limitations. We created a simple illustration to illustrate the differences. MOBILE NON-COMPATIBLE DESIGN Mobile Compatible Web Design is different because it is designed for specific browser sizes only, or has multiple fixed layout sizes. When the URL is loaded, it detects the available free space depending on the screen size and places a design to fit within these limits. For example, if you open your site on the desktop, it will find the appropriate size design to fit in this size. The resizing of the scanner has no effect on the design. See the diagram below to show the difference.