Corporate Identity Design Prices

10 Mayıs 2019 - 09:31
Corporate Identity Design Prices 50% of the application fee is paid for the versions / adaptations of the main design approved and applied works (color - visual). The "design" fees in the list are for broadcasting / use only in one channel (each newspaper, each magazine, each television, each radio, each cinema, each outdoor contract means separate media). The fee to be paid in the case of broadcast / use in more than one channel is determined separately between the parties. 50% advance at work. Work is approved, but work is not paid for full work. For the desired jobs, 50% of the applied design fee is paid. Other works planned to be done within the distribution process will be priced separately. Introduction to process in media studies and publications estimate the cost to be used ...... € We think that the budget should leave. Agency Service Share 10% will be added.