Aerial Photography

07 Mayıs 2019 - 14:57
Aerial photography is a photographic technique that dates back to the last quarter of 2016, but has become more and more popular in recent years. There are different ways and methods of taking pictures with this technique. Photographers have always sought ways to photograph a composition from different angles. Aerial photography is also a result of this search. Photographers first made aerial photography through airplanes such as balloons, airships, and the development of technology and aviation, and later helicopters, paramotor, paragliding and unmanned aerial vehicles called model helicopters and multicopter. they bring. The aerial photographing technique allows photographing of angles that cannot be taken in normal ways, making the object of the photograph more different and interesting. Taking pictures with unmanned aerial vehicles is safer, more practical and accessible than other vehicles. With the autopilot, gps systems and camera stabilizer (gimbal) systems used, it is possible to obtain clear and creative photographs by standing in the air. Thanks to the wireless image transmitters, the image to be taken is instantly displayed from the ground station and the remote control makes it possible to take photos from the altitude and angle. As a result of this equipment meeting with our expert team, there are great shots. You can obtain information about the shootings from our website.