What is B2B?

10 Mayıs 2019 - 09:41
B2B is an odd acronym if you don't know what it means. This means “Business to Business”, a rare concept in the business world. A B2B company produces products or services for other businesses. Consider the retail world as an example. All of the hardware a sales partner uses to support you was made by a company that aims to sell their products to the store where you purchased them. In addition, all the point-of-sale software that runs on this hardware is made by a company that aims to sell it to a company. What separates B2B from B2C? In fact, these days, less and less, these two abbreviations, at least as far as marketing. As work and life are becoming more and more intertwined, it is less logical to market them as one employee only. First of all, this person is probably on Facebook and LinkedIn, and he is studying the Wall Street Journal and the fashion blog of Tom and Lorenzo. There is no reason for a B2B company to refrain from advertising on traditional B2C channels, and there are actually reasons to advertise these channels. B2B businesses should deal with more than one client per transaction. That is, in B2C, only one person usually participates in the decision-making process. A B2C company is the person who also typically conducts research, tests the product or service, decides the budget and approves the purchase. In a company interested in buying a business, these tasks can and usually are. For example, 65% of all B2B software purchases include three or more people in the procurement process. As a result, B2B marketing teams should spend more time effectively marketing all their typical buyers to all interested parties.