360 Degree Video Shooting and 4K 360 Degree Video Shooting

09 Mayıs 2019 - 14:09
360 Degree Video Shooting and 4K 360 Degree Video Shooting How To ... Especially with the development of technology in recent years, the number of streets connected to hotels, congress halls, museums, buildings, hospitals, tourist facilities, cafes, restaurants, streets and municipalities has increased. Tool to show the site before your visit. In presentations with panoramic videos, the visitor feels the same with vibrant moving images. Tourist sites are only a click away from the visitor, even if you are in different cities and even in different countries. The infrastructure of the virtual tours was not easy to navigate in the internet because it did not take up much space in the form of normal videos. It is very easy to have a high-resolution picture on a CD-DVD, so that it can be used in exhibitions, exhibitions, congresses, etc. It can be exhibited. 360 degree video application is performed with different techniques and equipment than traditional shooting techniques. The presentation is prepared after a series of technological processes with different programs. The 360 ​​degree camera captures all the action around the video camera. The difference in the Virtual Tour is that the image is non-virtual, live and mobile, reflecting the environment and action. Right-left, up-down, approach-to-navigate is possible by holding down the left mouse button. Think of an event, your eyes on your right, your left and follow the trail while watching the scene. Virtual Tour is the most effective, effective and economical way to promote an area on the Internet. From a 360-degree perspective, potential customers entering the internet from a local computer can look around, examine the details they want, and think visually without going into the space. With this presentation the area is much more memorable. It is more remarkable and has a high impact. It is possible to obtain more effective and lasting results in a shorter time compared to other advertisement areas. Two types of cameras are used for 360-degree video shooting. One of them is the Ricoh Theta camera that works with the rant on the control end, and taken with the GoPro camera that has to combine the videos after the shoot. These two camera types serve the same purpose, but the differences are quite different. GoPro cameras, Ricoh Theta cameras are getting more useful and better quality results. If you want to start 360-degree video production, it's a good start to decide on your camera.