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Customer experiences with corporate B2B Systems and B2B Reseller Software

EuroMedya negotiated with the prices, terms and credit Limin, optimize billing and customers with the purchase, including the platform for B2B e-commerce business enterprise is expected to give strong capabilities. Platform, generally invoices, credit limits and payment methods for B2B transactions such as ACH processing support, and take orders like these scavengers based pricing methods of payment and self-service support.

EuroMedya sales, distribution, manufacturing, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners, including new business and web mağazalarıda through multiple channels helps to manage the ongoing relationships. Even their own pricing, content, promotions, and according to the rules of purchasing platform B2B and B2C web sites publish separately.

Key Advantages

E-commerce and inventory, sales and accounting for all enterprise-wide and provides better business by improving efficiency.

negotiated discounts for customers, easy payment methods, including special pricing conditions are provided.

customer self-service and service to the common good partnership by offering links.

multiple languages, currencies and countries with the support of branded web stores and sales channels, and work easily supports multiple business models.

Special Pricing, Terms and Credit Limits

Customer`s own rates, to determine the terms and credit limits.

Reward their customers lower prices than many high-margin pricing or cash sales are made to customers.

workflow management, transaction confirmations out on the web should be done automatically

Orders and fulfillment

Full speed up the process every step of the dispatch of the order to obtain real-time visibility.

Means of sales orders and other Web sites in an efficient manner in order to fulfill the right channels, all the necessary processes that must be calculated.

Multiple Business Channels

Multiple channels, including web sites and a separate web site for B2B and B2C customers, their content, products and pricing, and promotions are sold out.

Phone orders, Refurbished and offline sales through stores.

In the same order management, inventory management and customer management system to stream into all of the information.

Password Protected Content

Preferred customers with password protection to restrict access to all or part of.

To limit who can see your site content and pricing.

All the site, a product or a page, or simply restrict pricing.